Are you as prepared as you could be?

We just never know when emergency could come our way. I hope that you are prepared the best you can be. Here are a few items that you might not of thought about for your emergency kit. I am sure you will think of some things I missed.

  1.  water, food, shelter
  2.  A good flashlight and some emergency candles so you can save your batteries
  3.  Multi tool and knife.  Try to get  a few different ones that do different things.
  4.  Sleeping bag, think about what part of the country you live in, how warm does it need to be.
  5.  Maps of your local area, typography maps for the surrounding areas. Learn how to read a map
  6.  To go with the map you need a compass, don’t just buy it, learn how to use it. It could save you.
  7.  Three different ways to start a fire, including  a lighter. Practice making a fire.
  8.  Mylar blankets, get several of these. They help hold your body heat in, and they are super lightweight
  9.  You will need a good way to filter your water if the power goes out
  10.  Dental floss can be used for fishing or a lot of different things
  11.  Gloves, get two pairs so if one pair is wet you can have a dry pair to put on
  12.  Paracord, never can have enough of this, use it to tie your shelter down, make snares
  13.  Duct tape, and plastic sheeting can be very useful if the weather is rainy or cold
  14.  Duct tape is also good to tie something up
  15.  A hat would be great to keep the sun and rain off your head
  16.  Playing cards to pass the time
  17.  Bandana, ust makes a great one with survival tips on it.
  18.  Signal mirror, whistle, and flares to get someones attention
  19.  Make sure you have a good pack and a great pair of hiking shoes.
  20.  If you have a gun, make sure you know how to clean and shoot it.
  21.  These are just a few things, I will post more later but this should give you a good start.
  22. The better prepared you are the better off you will be.